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Project Description
geoCRM is a projet meant to be:
- A learning environement for emerging technologies and philosophies.
- Mixes GIS Ideas + Mathematical Analysis + CRM new ideas.
- Based on the .NET technologies.
- Uses DDD (Domain Driven Design) + SOA Architecture.
- Uses TDD (Test Driven Developement).
- Agile Methodologies (XP = Extreme Programming).

What you need to be part of this projet is:
-Love to share ideas.
-Love to learn.
- Visual Studio 2008 (any edition) : (Rememeber that there is a free edition).
- SQL Server Express.
- Team Explorer 2008 (Free download) to get and edit source code.

The main goal is:
- Innovate in both the CRM world and GIS world, using the latest state of the art technologies.
- There are no deadlines yet.

Agile Developement:
- We will do three weeks iterations.
- Iteration 1 starts April 1st.
- Iteration Planning :
(Once you are added to the project , you will be to edit this file, please email the coordinator for more information)

License Type:
- Common Development and Distribution License (CDDL).

--March 24 - 2008 : We will start gathering a new set of requirements. For Iteration 1

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